About us


In November 2006 we witnessed remarkable nobility and kindheartedness shown by many individuals, associations and companies in our society in an attempt to restore a young woman’s hope for life.

“I want life!”, wrote Ana Rukavina Erceg and this honest plea for help of the 29-year-old journalist fighting leukaemia moved all of Croatia. On 28th March 2007, on the occasion of Ana’s birthday, the Ana Rukavina Public Cord Blood Bank – the first of its kind in the Republic of Croatia – was founded at University Hospital Centre Zagreb.

The establishment of the public bank is the result of great effort and investment made by the Ana Rukavina Foundation. This was done in order to realise Ana’s great wish and mission – to minimize the number of little bald heads, that is, to increase the chances of those who are being treated for haematological diseases.

Haematopoietic stem cells are used in treating haematological diseases, such as leukaemias and lymphomas, serious bone marrow failures (aplastic anaemia) and serious failures of the immune system (immunodeficiency). The ability of these cells to help regenerate other cells and tissues has been discovered recently, which may open new treatment possibilities for other diseases as well.

In cooperation with experts from societies belonging to the Croatian Medical Association, the Ana Rukavina Cord Blood Bank educated medical personnel who now participate in taking cord blood samples. Currently, cord blood can be donated in 23 maternity wards throughout the Republic of Croatia.

By making the generous decision to donate cord blood you can save someone’s life!

Every day somewhere around the world someone needs a haematopoietic stem cell transplant. By making the decision to donate to the Ana Rukavina Public Cord Blood Bank you enable the most important thing in the world – a chance at life!