Who can donate?


Most women can donate umbilical cord blood. However, we must be certain that donated cord blood is safe for the recipient. Therefore, each donor of cord blood must fill in a health questionnaire asking about her health and the health of her family members, including questions about the pregnancy and any medication she might be taking. A part of the questions concerns the donor’s current and previous lifestyles and includes questions on sexual activity and drug abuse. Donors of cord blood must be legally of age (over 18).

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How can I apply for donation?


Cord blood is procured only in cases in which the mother has given explicit consent. In other cases, the placenta and the umbilical cord are simply destroyed alongside all other biological waste.

Filled in and signed forms of consent (Informed Consent for Cord Blood Donation – two copies, Health Questionnaire for Cord Blood Donors – one copy, Identification Form for Cord Blood Donors – one copy) must be taken to the delivery centre and handed in to the staff...

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